Thursday 12 December 2013

More Magazine Goodies from Rockin Robin Tate's collection

German PS and Australian 7" without P/S 

This is the Japanese Promo Copy 

My thanks to Rockin Robin Tate who has kindly allowed me to share some of his Magazine and Devoto related collection including these two items.  I have to say it's really good that other fans of the band are keen to share with other fans their items in this way.

Many collectibles remain safely stored and archived away and with the disappearance of record stores and collectors shops etc. many of these might never be seen by especially the newer collectors and fans of all things Howard Devoto etc.   The Internet has been a godsend in that respect.

If you have any items or images that you'd like to share then please, by all means send them to me and a brief description of what they are and I'll share what I can on the blog.

Many thanks again to Robin.

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