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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all likeminded fans the world over.   May 2015 bring us more Magazine.

Argentinian Magazine Review

This is an article published about Magazine in Argentina. The author Ricardo Messina wonders if it is the first ever article written about the band in the country.  He wrote it for "Expresso Imaginaro" issue No 58, in May 1981. Thank You to Ricardo for kindly allowing me to reproduce it for my blog.

Belgian Poster - Magazine Supporting Patti Smith 1978

Alyn Currie of has this up for sale if anyone is interested.  It's an original gig poster 84 x 61 cm for Patti Smith's Easter Album at the Forst Vorst National in Brussels, Belgium. Magazine were the support band at this show.

An Alternative Use Of Soap V2156 - Canadian LP

Canadian Import LP - An Alternative Use Of Soap.

Japanese Import Copy of Jerky Versions Of The Dream.

Japanese Import Copy of Jerky Versions Of The Dream.

Jerky Versions Of The Dream - USA White Label Test Pressing

Jerky Versions of the Dream - 1983 Electros Sound Group/IRS Records - USA advance promo only Test Pressing including cue sheet stuck to cover.

Merry Christmas and Thank You For Your Support in 2014

Just wanted to wish all of the viewers and supporters of this blog, a very merry christmas and a happy new year.  Your interest keeps me interested in maintaining the blog and looking for more Devoto related items. I particularly want to thank Graeme Oxby and Magazine for liking the page and giving it a mention on facebook when I was there. Best wishes Gary 

Luxuria - Jezebel

Howard Devoto looks amazing in this image.

Magazine Supporting Lene Lovich Poster - Barcelona Catalunya

Luxuria - Limited (1000) Beast Box USA CD

Times Up - USA Bootleg Sealed - 1979

USA copy of the UK Times Up Bootleg. This was released in 1979 as opposed to the UK one in 1978.  This one is still sealed.

Dave Formula and Jimmy Ruffin

Sad to report the legendary Motown singer Jimmy Ruffin has died at the age of 78.  As fan's of Magazine, many of you will know that Dave Formula used to be Ruffin's piano player and arranger way back in the 70's.  See  here  on Dave's personal website. You can see Magazine members here in the audience when Jimmy played the Jools Holland show.

Magazine - Lancaster University 1978

  Fabulous Photo's shared by Paul Fishwick of Howard and John McGeoch onstage at Lancaster University in 1978. One of Paul's memories of this gig was Howard shouting out to the punks in the crowd "How can I sing you a love song with Phlegm dripping from my nose.  Now stop spitting or we are going."

USA Time's Up (1976) demos LP SEALED

Time's Up  (1976) demos LP SEALED Raven Records, Inc ‎– BZ 5333 (58-3012) This US release from 1979 is a copy of a Euro release from 78 4-track demo, recorded Oct. 1976 at Revolutions Studio, Stockport, UK.   Sometimes referred as the "Stockport Tape". Side 1 1     Boredom      2     You Tear Me Up      3     I Can't Control Myself  (cover of a Troggs song)     4     Orgasm Addict     5     Friends Of Mine      Side 2 1     Drop In The Ocean      2     Breakdown      3     Love Battery      4     Time's Up      5     Love Everybody/Don't Mess Me Around      6     Boredom          Bass – Steve Diggle     Drums – John Maher     Guitar – Pete Shelley     Vocals – Howard Devoto Side 2 #5 Love Everybody is based on Beefheart's I Love You Big Dummy Side 2 # 6 from 'Spiral Scratch' session

I Swear I Was There

'I Swear I Was There,' is a book written by David Nolan and features the reflections of some of those from the Manchester Punk Scene who were at the now infamous Sex Pistols two shows.  The shows were put on by Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley and the youngest member of the audience was myself at both gigs, yes I swear I was there.

The Correct Use Of Soap - Japanese Import

Japanese Import Copy of this fine album, The Correct Use Of Soap.

Shot By Both Sides - UK 7" single signed by Howard Devoto & Dave Formula

This single was signed at Magazine's Strathclyde University gig in Glasgow 3/8/1979

Magazine - Coventry Dressing Room 1979

Thank you to Gordon Faulds for allowing me to share one of his fantastic photos of Magazine featuring, Howard, Barry and Dave along with Laura Teresa the bands backing vocalist. Gordon has advised he has negatives to more pics from the show/soundcheck which I am hoping he might allow me to share one day also. For now I'm extremely chuffed and grateful to Gordon for letting me use this on the blog. The photo was taken at Magazines gig in Coventry 1979.

Ebyt Roberts photo of Howard Devoto

More badges (Pins if you are from overseas)

Buzzcocks - Surfing On A Wave Of Nostalgia

Click on images to view original size.

Keith Valcourt and Howard Devoto Circa 1988

My utmost thanks to Keith Valcourt (actor) for sending me this great Jpeg of Keith with Howard Devoto Circa 1988 in Boston on the tour bus post show. Some of you know I am also a fan of many Punk/Post Punk bands and in Particular PiL, Sex Pistols so I must urge you to go and check out Keith's website where he's got some fabulous photographs of him pictured with many bands not just those I love. Seriously go take a look you'll not be disappointed.  His website is linked HERE;

Howard Devoto & Pete Shelley 100 club punk festival 1976

Howard Devoto & Pete Shelley 100 club punk festival 1976

Howard Devoto - Getty Image

Great Photo of Howard Devoto

Magazine - St Georges Hall, Bradford 5/7/1978

Great Review of Magazine at St Ge orges Hall Bradford 5th of July 1978 here;

Magazine, Howard Devoto - Live Gigs 1977 - 1983

I've put together a list of all of my Magazine, Howard Devoto Live Tapes with set lists as follows; Magazine -  1977 Holland 1977 Side 1. 1. The Light Pours Out Of Me 2. Definitive Gaze 3. The Great Beautician In The Sky 4. Touch And Go 5. Burst 6. Goldfinger 7. My Tulpa Side 2. 1. Motorcade 2. Parade 3. Boredom 4. Give Me Everything 5. My Mind Ain’t So Open Magazine - 1978 Wien - Vienna 19/9/1978 Side 1. 1. Definitive Gaze 2. The Great Beautician In The Sky 3. Boredom 4. Burst 5. 1970 6. Back To Nature 7. The Light Pours Out Of Me 8. My Mind Ain’t So Open 9. Shot By Both Sides Magazine - 1979  The Old Waldorf, San Francisco 9/4/1979 Side 1. 1. Definitive Gaze 2. Touch and Go 3. Cut Out Shapes 4. My Mind Ain’t So Open 5. Burst 6. My Tulpa 7. I Wanted Your Heart 8. Motorcade 9. Boredom 10. Back To Nature Side 2. 1. Give Me Everything 2. Great Beautician In The S