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Aren't We All - Orgasm Addicts

Official Magazine Facebook Page

Official Magazine Facebook Page

Buzzcocks - First Ever Gig

In my home town of Bolton.

Japanese - Shot By Both Sides

Another great collectors item, the Japanese 'Shot By Both Sides' single.


I recently picked up this signed (By Pete Shelley) Buzzkunst Promotional Only CD.  It also features two extra live, video tracks recorded @ 'irregular' in London on the 2nd of September 2009. If you haven't bought the Buzzkunst album I'd highly recommend you do if only for the excellent track 'Till the stars in his eyes are dead' sung by Howard with Pete on backing vocals.

Buzzcocks - 1976 Bootleg Shows

Love them or hate them (As a collector I just happen to love them) bootlegs typically provide the collector with content rarely given the time of day by bands, record labels etc. Buzzcocks, Magazine are no exception and as a huge fan of these bands I have to have my fair share. I will feature a number of these throughout this blog. My first is this early Buzzcocks recording with two shows both recorded in 1976.  As you can imagine the quality isn't the greatest but nonetheless they are extremely important in the evolution of Punk Rock and the Buzzcocks and Howard Devoto. Two great shows feature on this disc as follows; SCREEN ON THE GREEN - LONDON 29TH AUGUST 1976 01 BREAKDOWN 02 FRIENDS OF MINE 03 I CAN'T CONTROL MYSELF 04 I LOVE YOU BIG DUMMY 05 LESTER SANDS 06 LOVE BATTERY 07 OH SHIT 08 ORGASM ADDICT 09 PEKING HOOLIGAN 10 TIMES UP 11 YOU TEAR ME UP ELECTRIC CIRCUS MANCHESTER 9TH DECEMBER 1976 01 ORGASM ADDICT 02 BREAKDOWN 03 TIMES UP 04 BOREDOM 05 YO