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Real Life - Promo Poster

Just purchased this on ebay and will be getting this one, framed.

Magazine - Music Paper Clippings

John Peel Bootleg E.P.

I've posted images of this E.P. previously however here's another one up on ebay and item is a little clearer hence my re-post.

Urgh! A Musical war Advert

Advert for URGH! A Musical war Concert (Johnny Kardash image)

Virgin Promo Photo - Howard Devoto

Magazine - Devoto Promo Photo

Just bought this once it arrives I'll upload a better scan.

Magazine - Hull Tec 9th March 1979

Howard Devoto snapped after a Magazine gig at Hull Tec College on 9th March 1979. The support were Prag-VEC who sadly didn't go down too well. Singer Susan Gogan's threat to walk off unless the audience desisted from throwing things on-stage was met with an all-too predictable hail of missiles.

Radio broadcast of Bill Graham's URGH

Fantastic show - Information by Terry Hammer (see below) From the HAMMER ARCHIVES -This is an audio recording of my live radio broadcast of Bill Graham's URGH #1 featuring MAGAZINE. Like all of my live recordings this was mixed direct to 2-Track Reel To Reel using headphones.Sitting in the club with the loud P.A. sound trying to drive the amp in my mixing board loud enough to hear what I was mixing.If you've ever been to a live concert,then,you know how loud it can be.Mixed on a cheap Peavey MkII 12 channel mixing board to Technics RS-1500 2-Track Reel To Reel.I will be posting most of my live recordings from San Francisco from 1979-1981. Recorded,Mixed & Produced by: Terry Hammer ; (p)1980 : Terry Hammer. Track list; 1.- intro music The Book, 2.- Feed The Enemy, 3.- Stuck, 4.- Permafrost, 5.- The Light Pours Out Of Me, 6.- Because You're Frightened, 7.- Parade, 8.- Thank You Fellettin' Me Be Mice Elf, 9.- Shot By Both Sides, 10.- I Want To Burn Again,