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Howard Devoto - Futurama 1983

Weekend lineup of great bands that included Howard Devoto at the Leeds Futurama weekend 1983

Vintagerock's Weblog - Magazine Gig reviews from Redcar 1978 and Newcastle 1979

Thanks to Martin Percival for pointing this blog out to me which is well worth a read as it features the recollections from the author, two Magazine gigs from 1978 and 1979. It brings back lots of memories for me watching the band at this time too and that eeriness of witnessing a real different stage presence from a singer and band that were breaking away from 3 Chord Punk in such a different way than others at this time. The blog is here Vintagerock's Weblog 


I believe all that I read now Night has come off the corners Shadows flicker, sweet and tame Dancing like crazy mourners A man with the hot dogs sells lemonade Someone over there needs first aid While me and the rest of the world Await the touch of the motorcade No one finds time to turn a blind eye You can't be too careful nowadays And my friend says "Listen to the stupid things they're making you say" Here comes the motorcade, moving so slow and hard Like a snake in a closet, holding sway in the boulevard Here is your man, all faces turn unanimously The small fry who sizzle in his veins, in all security Here is your man, all faces turn unanimously The small fry who sizzle in his veins, in all security In the back of his car Into the null and void he shoots The man at the centre of the motorcade Has learned to tie his boots In the back of his car In the null and void he sees The man at the centre of th

John McGeoch

John McGeoch, sadly left us March 4th 2004 His influence, talent and legacy will always stand out and will never be forgotten by Magazine fans.

Of Course Howard (1979)

This has to be my all time favourite track that Magazine has ever recorded.  I can't explain why but as soon as I heard the album 'No Thyself' that it is taken from, I felt like this track had smacked me right in the mouth, turned me inside out and then, sat me back down again leaving me with this strange feeling that I'd probably just heard the most brilliant record ever. For that to happen to someone like me, is a statement in itself.