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Howard Devoto - Spanish Flyer

Rock-Ola Howard Devoto - Spanish Promo Gig Flyer.

German Benelux - The Correct Use Of Soap Album

German Pressing of "The Correct Use Of Soap."  This has the Benelux credit on the rear so probably sold into the Netherlands.  Virgin Germany/Benelux 1980.

Howard Art

This great piece of Artwork was a Christmas present from my partner Cheryl.   The artist that did it, Jennifer Crawford created it using torn up coloured paper and wax crayons.  Jennifer has a page on Facebook, here;  Artwork

Give Me Everything - Repro Promo Poster

Just managed to win this for £8.50 on ebay

Repro Promo Poster - Secondhand Daylight

Just missed out on this. Sold for £13.00 on ebay.

Oh My God! Stunning - Magazine Live Paris 15.9.1978.(TV 3 Songs)

Footage as good as this is extremely hard to find so enjoy this with all you have - It is awesome. 1. Parade 2. Give Me Everything 3. Shot By Both Sides Live in Paris 15 September 1978 for TV.

Howard Devoto Oddities.

Some Howard Devoto related pics I found online via Pinterest.   A painting by an artist I know nothing about. Devotion, a tribute project by someone called Butcher Billy Behance.

Buzzcocks 1976 versus the Misfits

There's an interesting Buzzcocks record review site  here  by Mark Prindle.  He highlights the early work with Howard Devoto and points out the sound on the Misfits album "Legacy Brutality."  I am a fan of The Misfits and as both bands started around the same time you can't help but wonder if Mark has a point. The drumming is uncanny in places. The Damned were very much influenced by the Misfits too. Compare to the early Buzzcocks Demos. Suddenly we are eating sandwiches.  Alternate bites, I mind she purrs. And exchanging endearments. Lies a girl I bite she swallows. My sweet boy she bites, I swallow. We don't yet do with our gills full. What about it, my memory.  We're talking of my memory.  Not much that it’s getting better that it’s getting worse. That things are coming back to me.  Nothing is coming back to me. But to conclude from that. Suddenly we are eating sandwiches.  Alternate bites, I mind she purrs. And exch