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Buzzcocks - 100 Club Sept 21st 1976

Fantastic post from John Maher (hope he doesn't mind me nicking it) who said of this gig/photograph: Misspent youth: 16 year old wannabee drummer bunks off school for Day 2 of the 100 Club Punk Festival (Sept 21st 1976). Line-up: Stinky Toys, Chris Spedding & The Vibrators, The Damned, Buzzcocks. The night before (Sept 20th): Subway Sect, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Clash, Sex Pistols. Thanks to Reynard Toombs for finding and sharing the pic - not seen this before. I've not seen that pic either has anyone else got any others of the line-up similar or from this same gig? What a line-up - If anyone ever asks you what is or was Punk Rock, show them this pic. Since I posted this earlier Reynard kindly pointed out this cracking, additional image. Images are taken from the fantastic Partners In Crime Website HERE .

Shot By Both Sides Promo Poster

Browsing local record shop yesterday I ask as I always do, "got anything Devoto related?"  Er, no not really said the shop owner though I am selling some posters on behalf of a guy who was in a few bands, friends of Jake Riviera he has a Magazine poster in them "Shot By Both Sides" but it's been on the wall. So I said "GIMMEE" did a deal and here it is.

Buzzcocks - French News Pulls

  Many thanks to Nigel for sending me scans of these x2 brilliant French News media pulls. Settimana is a weekly supplement to the daily newspaper Corse Matin (circa 150k). I have it on good authority that this is published out of Ajaccio, Corsica. :-)

Buzzcocks - Spiral Scratch Review on Soundblab

Yet another great review HERE  on Soundblab of Buzzcocks and their legendary E.P. Spiral Scratch.  Also a reminder to all those who unlike those of us that already knew it, Buzzcocks had something special going down and 40 years on are still out there doing their stuff. Now come on Howard, it's about time we saw something from you.  Please, pretty please. Were not looking back, merely celebrating a legacy you helped create for future generations ;-)

John Maher Recalls Spiral Scratch & Times Up - Record Collector Magazine

Really nice recollections from John Maher of his time working on Spiral Scratch & Times Up - In the latest Record Collector Magazine.