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Dave Formula & The Finks - Live Fink Funk Album Available Now

Sometimes all that you need for a chill out evening is the right Formula. With that in mind you really should buy the new Dave Formula & The Finks, Live Fink Funk album from Wire-Sound it's finkstatsic.  But hey, don't take my word for it. No actually, do take my word for it, seeing as I'm an expert in great music ;-) Order it here from  Wire-Sound While you're at it check out the Wire-Sound You Tube Channel And make sure you like the Dave Formula and the Finks Facebook page Oh and one final thing, there's even an 'official' Magazine Facebook Group too.

Magazine - Barcelona

Dave Formula wrote a brief summary of events around this TV appearance they did in Barcelona back in 1980 which I thought was worth sharing, especially for those Magazine fans who don't use Facebook and have probably never seen this. Dave Formula - Magazine; "This was filmed in a TV studio in Barcelona. We must have been made to rerun it at least ten times. The tv crew kept screwing up and we were getting more and more pissed off. Note Howard and my reactions at the end. Also the hilarious keyboards they supplied for me. A genuinely surreal day. It was almost enjoyable."

Magazine Autographs

Thanks to Laura Garvie for allowing me to share her prized Magazine autographs from their Liverpool Empire gig in October 1978