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Times Up - Said John Maher (No, really he did)

Before the internet the only way I'd ever be lucky enough to get to hear about my fave band from the eyes of any of its members would be either word of mouth, a music magazine interview, TV/radio broadcast or if I was really lucky a face to face chat before or after a gig. Today we have Social Media and Networking and often band members will have their own profiles on Facebook, Twitter or similar and will be a lot more interactive with fans than we'd previously be afforded. John Maher, Buzzcocks drummer needs no introduction from me but I’m really very grateful and pleased that he has allowed me to reproduce his comments and thoughts on his work with Buzzcocks and in particular the Times Up recordings. here’s what John had to say.   On this day... October 18th 1976: Buzzcocks record their best album. This was our first ever visit to a recording studio. I met Howard, Pete and Steve at Piccadilly bus station in the centre of Manchester. We got the 192 bus to Stockpo

The Sensimilla Buzzcocks Bootleg tape

The French Bootleg Buzzcocks Demo Tape. © Sensimilia Tapes Pay no more than 1,5 £ Ne payez pas plus de 15 F Track List A1           Boredom             A2           Orgasm Addict  A3           You Tear Me Up               A4           I Can't Control Myself    A5           Breakdown         A6           Drop In The Ocean Friends Of Mine         B1           Drop In The Ocean          B2           I Love You, You Big Dummy         B3           Boredom             B4           Love Battery      B5           Breakdown         B6            Time's Up             

Magazine - Promo Photo Slide Negatives

I just picked up these rare early promo slide negatives of Magazine which came from London Features photo agency. These are obviously from the same photo shoot and would have been used by the picture agency to promote them.   On close inspection there are marks on one of the negatives it has a mark like a line across it and  the back of the negative appears a bit mottled but the other one is fine. This is only noticeable if you hold at an angle and move it around in the light.  The cardboard surround measures x 7cm. This is the kind of item I look out for as a collector of Magazine so if you have anything you think I might be interested in buying please let me know.