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Shot By Both Sides - Melbourne, Australia September 1980

What more do you want in life but to see archive footage like this of Magazine performing at their September 1980 show at Melbourne's Festival Hall and recorded for the TV show 'Nightmoves' and as most of you will have already spotted was the soundtrack for the Play album. This was uploaded by  Mondoprune  - Big thanks to them.

Magazine - Hull, Wellington Club, 5th May

Two fabulous items kindly shared by Andy Cunny. The Poster is fully signed and from the Hull, Wellington Club gig 5th of May.  Andy has also shared a photo from that gig also of Howard onstage. (If you have any other Magazine, Howard Devoto items you'd like to see on this blog please let me know.  I'd be very pleased to share more with Magazine/Devoto fans).

Magazine - Rare Belgian Poster

Fabulous Poster from one of Magazines gigs in Belgium - Kindly shared by Kevin McKimmie.

Magazine - Glasgow Tiffany's Poster/Flyer

Two better images of the Magazine poster/Flyer for their 28 April 1980 show at Glasgow's Tiffany's. The first of which was shared with me by Kevin McKimmie

Play - Master Tape Copy

Side 2 of the 'Play' Album a Copy from the original Master Tape. This is owned by Kevin McKimmie who has kindly allowed me to share it with you.  My thanks to him.

This is a song from under the floorboards albeit 2009.

Wonderful video uploaded by the equally decent bloke - Graeme Oxby;  Magazine - Floorboards