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Tick Tock

Hope you all had a great Christmas and looking forward to another year. My Fiance Cheryl bought me this fabulous Magazine 'Shot by both Sides' clock as part of my Christmas Pressie's and which we'd seen for sale on one of the stalls at the Manchester Markets pre-Christmas.    It will now take pride of place in my office in the new year.

Merry Christmas "Feed the Enemy" fans.

Wishing all you Big Dummies a fantastic Christmas and all the very best for the New Year. Thank you all for supporting this blog and helping me to celebrate all things related to these fabulous artistes. I predict 2014 will see something from Howard and the band and if not well, that's our loss and theirs.

Magazine - Wonderlust Glasgow Tiffany's 29 April 1980

The previous Wonderlust (soundboard) CD unfortunately, on playing, sounded like Howard was singing through mud and I think the original tape source that the show was taken from was damaged sadly as it sounded like a great gig. This version in the same cover is from the fabulous Live show they did at Glasgow Tiffanys in Scotland 29th April 1980. (Intro) Feed The Enemy Stuck I'm A Party Permafrost The Light Pours Out Of Me Because You're Frightened You Never Knew Me Sweetheart Contract Shot By Both Sides I Want To Burn Again A Song From Under The Floorboards Model Worker Twenty Years Ago Definitive Gaze

Magazine - Wonderlust CD (Soundboard)

MAGAZINE - 'Wonderlust' Live at Rydamere Inn Sydney Australia 20th September 1980 (soundboard)  01. Feed The Enemy 02. Stuck 03. A Song From Under The Floorboards 04. Permafrost 05. The Light Pours Out of Me 06. Model Worker 07. Parade 08. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) 09. Sweetheart Contract 10. I Want To Burn Again 11. Because You're Frightened 12. I Love You, You Big Dummy 13. Twenty Years 14. Definitive Gaze 

Signed Spiral

Signed at the Buzzcocks, Back to Front Manchester gig this  2nd  issue of the Spiral Scratch EP owned  by Lorraine Bickle.

Sweetheart Contract - Australian Tour 1980

Another cracking scan from his collection - Thank You to Rockin Robin Tate for this great Australian Tour 7".

More Magazine Goodies from Rockin Robin Tate's collection

German PS and Australian 7" without P/S   This is the Japanese Promo Copy  My thanks to Rockin Robin Tate who has kindly allowed me to share some of his Magazine and Devoto related collection including these two items.  I have to say it's really good that other fans of the band are keen to share with other fans their items in this way. Many collectibles remain safely stored and archived away and with the disappearance of record stores and collectors shops etc. many of these might never be seen by especially the newer collectors and fans of all things Howard Devoto etc.   The Internet has been a godsend in that respect. If you have any items or images that you'd like to share then please, by all means send them to me and a brief description of what they are and I'll share what I can on the blog. Many thanks again to Robin.

Part - Signed Magazine Photo

Signed Photograph of some of the Magazine members - Apparently this was signed at the Plug in Sheffield on the 15th of July 2009.

Luxuria / Howard Devoto / Noko

"Luxuria live concert Poster" Town & Country Club , London 13th of March 1988

Rainy Season - W/Label Promo

7" White Label Promo for the Howard devoto solo single "Rainy Season"  There's quite a few of these floating about as I have  one in my own collection and this one has been on eBay for a long time at £6.00.

Rip It Up Magazine

Rare - 1980 New Zealand Music Paper that features Howard Devoto.

Devoto Illustration - Visions of Rock

HOWARD DEVOTO This is a double sided 1 page taken from a book called  'Visions Of Rock' where o ne side has an illustration of Howard Devoto and on  the other side it has  Sparks .

Magazine Autographs from 1978

Full Set of Magazine Autographs from 1978 I have just shown the most remarkable restraint by not bidding on a full set of genuine Magazine autographs from Liverpool Eric’s in 1978. Finally sold for £42 on eBay. The guy selling them provided the following information.  "From 1978, these autographs were signed at a Liverpool Eric's, on the Shot By Both Sides tour. Featuring an autograph by the late, great John McGeogh, along with Howard Devoto, Barry Adamson and Dave Formula as well as Magazine's 2nd drummer Paul Spencer.  I got the band to sign this paper and the autographs have been in my possession and well looked after ever since."

Magazine - Japanese Imports


German Import - Shot By Both Sides

German VIRGIN 11 943 AT

French Import 7"

France VIRGIN 2097 947

Australian Tour Promo

Australian VIRGIN K-8019 1980 promo tour issue

Magazine "Shot by Both Sides / Recoil" Japan Promo White Label Vinyl 7 inch Single

Magazine "Shot by Both Sides  / Recoil" Japan Promo White Label Vinyl 7 inch Single  From Victor Japan in 1978 , # VIP-2632 RARE Japanese 7 inch Single in Victor's Company Paper Sleeve with A Picture Sheet That Has Japanese Liner notes/Lyrics. This Is Promo White Label Copy, So Japanese Word "Sample" are Printed on Both Labels.

Back To Front - Manchester Apollo 25th of May 2012

Buzzcocks - 'Spiral Scratch' set with Howard Devoto  Manchester Apollo 25th May 2012 The purists slated it.   It was nostalgic, what more do you want after all these years.

Spiral Scratch Review 1977

A review of Spiral Scratch in Sniffing Glue issue 7 Feb 77

Howard Trafford

Howard Trafford - Bolton Institute of Technology Student 1974


Buzzcocks play the Electric Circus with Slaughter & The Dogs. A gig that had a bad vibe due to crowd who were either in Camp Buzzcock or the Dogs. Pics by Ted Ask

Promo Advert for Magazine/Alien North American Tour 1979

Side two of an A4 promo for Magazine's 1979 tour of North America. Received because the person who uploaded this filled in the 'fan club' card placed in his copy of Secondhand Daylight. The fan club never happened due to 'high demand'.  He never found out for sure if this was just a massive lie to cover up incompetence, but says he's sure it was. Item originally uploaded to the fabulous website - Manchester District Music Archive check it out here  it is a wonderful site for fans of anything that came from Manchester such as the wonderful Magazine, Buzzcocks etc.  Some great uploads and history.

Press Adverts for Magazine Singles

Dave Formula Biography

Dave Formula Biography Copyright © Dave Formula 2011-2012, All rights reserved

Early days

I just love this.  You should too.

Black Amour

Great track and video from Barry Adamson.

Barry Adamson

Like Howard Devoto and Dave Formula, Barry Adamson needs no introduction to Magazine fans. Indeed the brilliant singer, songwriter and Bass player has gone on to release some great solo work outside of Magazine and my personal fave is this track, "Destination." Like Dave Formula, Barry has his own website which you can get to by clicking on his name  Barry Adamson

Dave Formula

As is typical with many bands you could be forgiven for not remembering that they do have other members beside the singer and whose talents make up a significant contribution to what you finally get to see and hear from your idol's. In some bands, outside of the singer, you might not have much interest in anyone else however with Magazine you just couldn't do that because this band has a remarkable lineup of amazing and talented individuals not least one of my all time favourite musicians "Dave Formula." It's not often that you'll find other members of a band doing so much interesting solo or side projects/ work but with a great band like Magazine there's usually something else interesting or on the go when the band aren't together collectively. Here is the website for the brilliant Keyboard wizard that is Dave Formula whose sound is, for me what makes Magazines music so much more special than any other band. Check out his work which is in

Magazine - Cut Out Shapes (Promo)

I enter the room Confident enough For now I tread A straight and narrow way So I sleep soundly A little blue in the face Cut-out shapes In secondhand daylight Somewhere else Something else On my mind She's caressing me With the hidden hands Of the only kind of violence She thinks I'll understand We've got them dancing To all of our confessions They don't know how We rehearse our dreams Somewhere else ... I just get numb When you're hard to find We met at a psychiatric unit She was in for having habits No one else would try She didn't know what she was in control of She had all the advantages of magic No one could deny There was an old lady Who swallowed a fly Your inescapable mother Such a crazy lover I just get numb ... Find out You'll find out


Thanks for the plug Graeme/Magazine - I love your work and this blog is merely to promote it to a wider audience if I can and share my own love of all things Magazine, Howard Devoto etc.

(Maybe It's Right to Be Nervous Now) [Box Set]

If there's one album you should buy if you love Magazine it is this compilation boxed set "Maybe It's Right to Be Nervous Now" Virgin Records Ltd. MAGBOX1 released in 2000. Even if you aren't a fan of the band you should buy it anyway as it's bloody brilliant. Disc:1 1. Shot By Both Sides (Alternate Recording) 2. My Mind Ain't So Open 3. Touch And Go 4. Goldfinger 5. Give Me Everything 6. I Love You You Big Dummy 7. My Tulpa 8. Definitive Gaze (Live) 9. Parade (Live) 10. The Light Pours Out Of Me (Alternative Version) 11. Rhythm Of Cruelty 12. Tv Baby 13. Back To Nature 14. Permafrost (Live) 15. Feed The Enemy (Live) Disc: 2 1. A Song From Under The Floorboards (Live) 2. Twenty Years Ago 3. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) (Live) 4. The Book 5. Upside Down 6. Sweetheart Contract 7. Shot By Both Sides (Live) 8. Because You're Frightened (Live) 9. I Want To Burn Again 10. Model Worker (Live) 11. Vigilance (Alternative Mix) 12. In T

Magazine - Six Demo's - Pennine Studio Oldham 1977

The 2nd track Sandwiches is just brilliant.   My Mind Ain't So Open indeed ;-)

Feed The Enemy on Tumblr

Feed The Enemy  is another blog page I have which tends to feature various things I'm interested in not just my Devoto, magazine, Buzzcocks obsession.

Posters and Tickets

Some more posters and tickets

Howard Devoto - Taxi-ng

Great photo of Howard looking relaxed as he takes a taxi ride - destination unknown.

Harry Papadopalous photo exhibit - Clydebank Town Hall

Some brilliant photo's at Harry Papadopalous exhibition - Clydebank Town Hall but the one in particular that I love is this superb image of Howard Devoto.