Tuesday 29 October 2013

Dave Formula

As is typical with many bands you could be forgiven for not remembering that they do have other members beside the singer and whose talents make up a significant contribution to what you finally get to see and hear from your idol's.

In some bands, outside of the singer, you might not have much interest in anyone else however with Magazine you just couldn't do that because this band has a remarkable lineup of amazing and talented individuals not least one of my all time favourite musicians "Dave Formula."

It's not often that you'll find other members of a band doing so much interesting solo or side projects/ work but with a great band like Magazine there's usually something else interesting or on the go when the band aren't together collectively.

Here is the website for the brilliant Keyboard wizard that is Dave Formula whose sound is, for me what makes Magazines music so much more special than any other band.

Check out his work which is incredible by clicking Dave Formula where you'll then be be taken to his brilliant website.

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