Thursday 20 February 2014

Magazine - My Tulpa - Manchester Free Trade Hall

My Tulpa - Howard Devoto:

I suspect you ain't so sweet
as the lust I'm concealing
my skin will crawl back to Ma
I've lost my way in my feelings

You always collect your fists
when my shadow falls upon your hands
you're just giving body heat away
but they say you're a nice enough young man

I want to see you
Don't you want to see me?
I'm full of questions
you're full of mystery
You can touch yourself anytime
You can touch yourself anytime

I'm so wretched - you are so fetching
stop smiling at me - treat me unpleasantly
You've got the whole world in your wardrobe
your furniture's made to injure me
my skin will crawl back home to Ma
when our souls mingle uneasily

I want to see you
Don't you want to see me?
I'm full of questions

You're full of mystery

Monday 10 February 2014

Fully Signed Spiral E.P. Cover

Another great Spiral Scratch cover signed, this one kindly shared
by Ian Pearson who has some brilliant Buzzcocks items in his collection.

Fully Signed Back To Front Gig Ticket

Fully Signed, Manchester Apollo 25/5/2012 'Back To Front' Buzzcocks Ticket - Thanks to Delvin Shanklin for sharing this.

More signed Buzzcocks

Another lovely set of signatures.  A very nice item kindly shared by Charles Furniss.  Check it out.

Badges, Buttons, Pins

A couple of badges

Cracking Howard Devoto Photograph

Cracking Photograph of Howard Devoto.

Unfortunately I don't know who the photographer is for this but if anyone does know, I will gladly credit them as I will for any other items I've shared that doesn't recognise the original owner.

I am always keen to ensure the correct ownership and rights are maintained on any items I post and share here.

Please e-mail me; ghzenops (at)gmail (dot)com


Signed Spiral Scratch 12"

Great signed 12" sleeve for the Spiral Scratch E.P. Thanks to Robbie Wilson for letting me share it here on 'Feed The Enemy'.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Various Pics

Signed Copy of Howard's Book

Howard at the Electric Circus 1976

Pete and Howard at the 100 Club in London 1976