Wednesday 15 January 2014

Shot By Both Sides & Rhythm of Cruelty - Spanish TV show 1980

Shot By Both Sides - Aplauso 1980 Spanish TV show

Rhythm of Cruelty - Aplauso 1980 Spanish TV show

From the Facebook Magazine site;

Dave Formula remembers...

"Never seen it before but I know exactly where it is - etched into my memory. It's a Spanish tv show we did in Barcelona. We must have done at least a dozen takes. The crew were all over the shop. Kept getting the wrong camera angles, bumping into us, tech problems in the control room - incompetence beyond belief. But somehow because they were relaxed and very nice to us, it was sort of good fun. We got a little bit silly that night, ending up with some stunning local transvestites pursuing us through the back streets off the Ramblas......."

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