Wednesday 16 April 2014

Magazine Set List from 1977

This fabulous item was posted on the MDMA website which I hope the author 'Kevin' doesn't mind me sharing with you.

It's scrapbook fragments of two set lists from Magazine gigs: Rafters on 28th October 1977 (The posters 18th birthday!!) and the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 14th November 1977 where they were filmed for 'So it Goes'

Kevin states that he managed to see the latter gig for free and backstage as he was Bob Dickinson's unofficial roadie i.e. he let him carry his keyboard into the gig and help set it up.

Kevin goes on to say 'Wonder what happened to Peking Hooligan and Shouting Legs?'

Well I'd say, history never repeats itself, or does it ;-)

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