Thursday 13 November 2014

USA Time's Up (1976) demos LP SEALED

Time's Up  (1976) demos LP SEALED

Raven Records, Inc ‎– BZ 5333 (58-3012)

This US release from 1979 is a copy of a Euro release from 78

4-track demo, recorded Oct. 1976 at Revolutions Studio, Stockport, UK.  Sometimes referred as the "Stockport Tape".

Side 1
1     Boredom     
2     You Tear Me Up     
3     I Can't Control Myself  (cover of a Troggs song)    
4     Orgasm Addict    
5     Friends Of Mine     

Side 2
1     Drop In The Ocean     
2     Breakdown     
3     Love Battery     
4     Time's Up     
5     Love Everybody/Don't Mess Me Around     
6     Boredom     

    Bass – Steve Diggle
    Drums – John Maher
    Guitar – Pete Shelley
    Vocals – Howard Devoto

Side 2 #5 Love Everybody is based on Beefheart's I Love You Big Dummy

Side 2 # 6 from 'Spiral Scratch' session

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