Sunday 13 March 2016

Barry Adamson - Hebden Bridge Trades Club 10 March 2016

Had a fantastic night over at Hebden Bridge Trades Club on March the 10th as Barry and his band performed a fantastic set.  Unusual to go to a gig that had seats laid out in this tiny venue.  I opted to sit in the booth to the front left of the stage, view only partially obscured by a man who must have been 17ft tall.

Barry performed 14 tracks in total, a few from the new album including 'Death Takes a Holiday' which he described as a Kid Creole style track (Who am I to argue)and ended the gig with a fantastic finale of 'Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)."

Full track listing in the picture where I'm holding up the set list below.

One of the young ladies doing the merchandise came up to the front of the stage just before the first encore and got us up dancing for a few songs before the end of the gig which I have to say surprised me but was well worth the effort even for an old bloke like me with a mystic rhythm that can only be described for those that likely saw it as a twitch ;-)

I was kindly given permission to use my DSLR camera before the gig started but the AF illuminator on the Nikon was just too bright and I didn't want to annoy the band and Barry so in the end just snapped a few on my iPhone 6 so apologies the quality aren't that good.

If you get a chance to go and catch Barry Adamson live you really will not be disappointed, he is just mr cool and supported by a most excellent set of musicians.


  1. Decent pics. Wish I'd been there.
    Camera - can you not switch the AF illuminator off? I find it makes little difference switched off unless the place is almost dark.

    1. They were all done on my iPhone in the end Steve. The illuminator was off on DSLR but place was so dark it just wouldn't get a decent image all to dark. Bloody annoying. I had my Nikon with me but have since bought a Sony RXIII for gigs.

      This gig was fantastic - Like watching him in your lounge :-)

    2. Sony RX cameras have a great reputation. I'm thinking of investing but then think for the cost I could buy a top lens for my Olympus CSC. I do need a great compact camera for gigs when you have to sneak a camera in.


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