I founded The Grassy Knoll in 1993. The first album was released by Nettwerk and was soon picked up by Polygram/Verve/Antilles. There have been five albums released to date.

Bob “Nolan” Green


The Grassy Knoll says more through sound and music than other groups might say in a 40 page manifesto… this is radical stuff that changes everything.

“III” may prove to be one of the most groundbreaking and futuristic albums of the year.
- Ezra Gale, Salon

If Tricky is the supposed master of trip-hop…then the Grassy Knoll is the lesser known, even more inventive little brother
- The Oregonian

“III” is the true audiophile’s wet dream. I’ll recommend this CD to anybody, all ages, all backgrounds. If you don’t “get” the Grassy Knoll, you don’t “get” anything.
- Charles D.J. Deppner, Ink 19

The Grassy Knoll aren’t playing what fusion jazz sounded like in the early ’70s but what it should sound like now: bristling with broken hip-hop breaks, Money Mark- like Hammond B-3 fills, dark ambient, post-rock (particularly Cul du Sac), heavy noise, and lo-fi distortion crackles.
- Brent S. Sirota, Pitchfork

The key is meaning, man. Ten years ago, the Grassy Knoll’s majestic sample feasts made the so-called pioneers of trip-hop look like shallow actors in need of a subtext. A decade later, his avant-video artistry makes most VJs look like kids with Spirographs.
- James Rotondi, Editor-in-Chief, Guitar World’s Bass Guitar Magazine

It’s the self-consciousness of Green’s studio techniques that make the strongest musical impression — the layering of melodies, the haloing of fragments, the shifting postproduction arrangements, the additions of telling samples.
- Marc Weidenbaum, disquiet.com

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