Wednesday 8 March 2017

Buzzcocks - 40 Year Anniversary Box Set Arrives.

So, I'm down in London and I get the text from the courier your Buzzcocks box sets are due to be delivered today - Arghhh.

Fortunately I got back in time to take delivery and boy where these bad boys worth waiting for.  As collectors items go these are ace. 

Limited to just 1000 I got Boxes 233 and 235 One remains sealed and the other I have opened so you can see what's in it.

There's not many left though now so if you want one get online and order it from Domino records.

So here goes:

Times Up Vinyl LP.

7" Spiral Scratch E.P.

Downloads Postcard this allows you to get the MP3 and WAV files plus Breakdown Video from The Free Trade Hall gig 1976.

Booklet that has a great run down of the band at this time.

Shy Talk - Manchester Fanzine 

Various Postcards based upon Tickets and Flyers from Buzzcocks gigs.

Series of Photographs.

Repro Posters.

Repro of Spiral Scratch Master Tape Box Lid.


Times Up CD.

Spiral Scratch E.P. CD.

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