Thursday 9 March 2017

Ooh La La - Have I got an exclusive for you.

Check this out.

So there's this exhibition right of Buzzcocks (mk.1) and it will be up and running in Paris.

And they have expanded and exploded the box set and made it into bigger art.

And not only that but along with new re-imaged 'Spiral Scratch' poster from Malcolm Garrett (Yes! That Malcolm Garrett)and all of the items are on sale too.

This show actually opened last night and will close on Sunday the 26th of March the day after the Buzzcocks gig in Paris on the 25th but that's not all..........

On Sunday afternoon Pete Shelley, John Maher and Malcolm Garrett will actually be in attendance.

All the information can be found HERE at the official website and if you want to purchase the Poster you can do so HERE.

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