Friday 31 October 2014

LUXURIA - beast box USA promo CD 1990 limited box set #740/1000

Rare USA CD by Luxuria titled "Beast Box".
Released in 1990, limited edition #740 of 1000 made, packaged in a 7" x 7" reel-to-reel tape box, with an oval sticker identifying artist and title, a stamped individual unit number on the bottom edge of the lid, 21" x 14" (approx.) double sided poster insert with family tree (folded) and a black jewel case tray glued to the inside bottom surface.
Track 13 is an additional track not on the LP version, and is tracklisted with '&' rather than a number.
Near mint condition disc, no scratches or scuffs, like new.
Very good condition box has the artist & title written neatly on the spine.
Very good condition poster insert has 2 tiny corner dings (folded).

Beggars Banquet 2233-2-H.

1The Beast Box Is Dreaming4:19
2Stupid Blood2:45
3Against The Past4:46
4Our Curious Leader3:12
5We Keep On Getting There4:10
7Animal In The Mirror4:38
8Dirty Beating Heart3:54
9Smoking Mirror3:56
10I've Been Expecting You5:19
12Beast Box3:43

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