Thursday 30 April 2015

Buzzcocks Bootleg - 12 Reasons Bootleg

12 Reasons - Bootleg

Back in the day I bought two mint copies of this double album and stupidly sold both.  Trying to get a near mint copy again.

Vinyl 2 x 12 inch 45 LP's, Centrifugal Records, 12CENT-09

It comes in a green cover (pic1) with the Spiral Scratch EP pic that has been modified.

Track List;

01. Boredom (1st Take)
02. Orgasm Addict
03. You Tear Me Up
04. I Can't Control Myself
05. Breakdown (1st Take)
06. Friends Of Mine
07. Drop In The Ocean
08. Big Dummy
09. Boredom (3rd Take)
10. Love Battery
11. Breakdown (3rd Take)

12. Time's Up (1st Take)

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  1. Nice stuff. I too owned this boot and do not know what happened to it.


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